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                   Mission Statement

St. Christopher's School is a community where all pupils are equally valued and respected. It provides an education to those with Moderate and Severe/Profound General Learning Difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. It fulfills the right to each child to an appropriate and inclusive education. 

Pupils experience a sense of caring and belonging in St. Christopher's School. They are treated fairly and their spiritual and moral development is nurtured, as well as the intellectual, social and academic. Moral values such as honesty, truthfulness, fairness, kindness to others and civic responsibility are promoted. 

The work of the school is conducted in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect for religious differences. The needs of all denominations are met through cooperation between staff, clergy and parents. The Christian concept of kindness, caring and sharing are promoted by all. The Admissions Policy of the school accepts members of all denominations as space allows and admission criteria met. 

St. Christopher's School operates as a Primary School funded by the Department of Education and is under the patronage of the Executive Committee of the former LAMH, now known as St. Christopher's Services.





All of our policies are available to view in the school office.


Our school's Child Safeguarding Statement.   

 Click on the button below to download your copy.  

Our new Pupil Wellbeing Charter was adopted by our school in

March 2019. Click on the button below to download your copy.


 Click on the button below to download your copy of our updated


Anti-Bullying Policy

 Click on the button below to download your copy of our updated


Admission Policy

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